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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 28, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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have a good night. >> ♪
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it's an all new show with great viral videos "right this minute." cops chase a suspect weaving through traffic. >> 120 miles an hour. see the bold move to stop the high-speed high jinks. >> a military husband shows up unannounced. the sweet story behind the salon surprise. he's test-driving a new
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kayak. but why it's a long, wobbly journey from shore to shore. [ laughter ] plus the great ipad mini giveaway is back along with the buzzword for your chance to win. and building a bread suit. >> i don't know what kind he has on his head. >> see what happens when his reasons are revealed. >> the logic now. >> many years when it came to dealings with police, they would ask who watches the watchman. with the invention of camera, youtube and social media, a lot of times these actions are now decided in the court of public opinion. >> that's exactly what we're going to do here. in the distance bmw 120 miles an hour. decided i'm not stopping, i'm going quicker. >> shooting down these small roads. >> very quickly the chase almost ends itself. not long after they take this
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sweeping left hand, getting closer to the bike. up close ahead. somebody comes in the way. >> oh, shoot. >> wow. >> whoa. >> that was close. it continues now. the right-hand of the police car. wow. >> comes right up to the bike in front of the passenger on there, too. >> yeah, you can see there's somebody riding on the back. another police car ahead. this is where the bike goes off road. >> this is so stupid and irresponsible on the rider's part and, i'm sorry, the police officer's. only one outcome here. the guy and person on the back getting really seriously hurt. >> the outcome you're talking about happens in about six seconds. ags they approach a round about, the police got -- >> enough. >> the bike and they go flying. >> you're about to kill two people for speeding. >> you can get close enough to get the license plate, you can track them down with that. that is horribly irresponsible on the police officer. >> also on the rider.
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carrying a passenger, should have kept it cool. >> i agree 100%. >> i'm thinking about the other people on the road. it ended this way but could have ended tragically nor innocent bystander. >> how was it? >> you can see the passenger in the back screaming at the guy. >> however, it's kind of a tricky one. they were pursuing they know were just speeding. in just the 45 seconds i showed you they almost had a head-on collision with another car, ran into a cop car and ran off the road. they are causing a menace to other people. they want to stop it before it goes too far. >> we've seen in other countries where they let them go and go and find them at a later time. >> these military police officers in soo pauao paulo whe
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find it tied up with no food or water. >> what an awful person. >> what kind of instrument they can cut, got it off the neck. the military police officers say what made it worth it was the gratitude the dog shows after he's released. >> poor puppy. >> don't they need like police dogs. they can give it a new purpose in life, go fight crime. >> i like the idea. >> i like the idea, too. >> like a disney movie. this the part the police love. they say that dog was just showing them love, jumping on them, thanking them, saying you guys saved me from dying all by myself by the side of the road. people so close yet so far. think about that. to me it seems like that dog has been around people, knows how to give people love. but this has a happy ending that you don't expect. they said some farmer was driving by, saw what they were doing, and adopted the dog on
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the spot. >> that's cool. he's going to have a farming job now. >> i hope that's not the same farmer that left the dog. >> i'm going to go on the idea this was a well meaning person who said, look, i need a dog around the farm yard. come on, be my new pet. stick with me, i'm going to really scare you and then make you laugh. first video from bolivia. young lady ready to take the plunge, bungee jumping. one of those things you do out traveling, have a good adrenaline rush. standing on the precipice of 50 footbridge and she takes the leap pretty bravely. >> that was shallow water. >> oh, my goodness. you're right. she just dove out there. >> just forget to tie it down. >> somebody did something wrong. the company said never have an issue like this. fell into a shallow it about of
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water down there, some very serious injuries, but she survived it. couple of guys here just kayaking. always wear your helmet. a guy up ahead in his bluekai acoff to the side. the tree reaches out and attacks him. it really isn't the tree he should be worried about. >> the buddy comes along and beans him right in the unhelmeted head. they continue to float down the river, get out. let's take a look. >> just a little bit of a scrape there. where is your helmet? >> maybe that's how i bring it along. >> this next guy, dale, this is his second time on a kayak, 55 years old. just purchased it. taking it out for a little test-drive. >> a bit wobbly. >> the first thing he notices. >> not as easy as you make it seem. >> this doesn't appear to be the most stable kayak he could have
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purchased. >> out having fun. >> he knows this kayak isn't for him. >> he got right there to the edge. >> daled review of the kayak. >> dale does have a sense of humor. we've been in contact with him. he tells us -- >> he took it back because he didn't like the color. >> don't want it. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> that's right. >> enter thursday's buzzword you need to be 21 years old and be legal resident of u.s. or canada. >> coming up in just a bit. >> stand by for "rtm" giveaway. that's angel. not scheduled to be home until november. in the army, walking into the
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building. alejandra is about to be really shocked. >> the stylist with scissors. >> no. >> honey. >> she's the client, not the stylist. he walks in, steps behind her and she sees him in the mirror. >> what's up, baby? >> oh, my god. >> she hasn't turned around yet. >> she's trying to figure out if it's an illusion. >> she breaks down in tears. here is the beautiful part about this, though. he set all of this up on her second wedding anniversary. he told her to go and have her hair done, celebrate that way, since he wouldn't be able to make it home. on the back end he scheduled it with her friend that while she was getting her hair done, wouldn't be expecting him at all. >> imagine the fun date they are going to have and she's going to look all good with freshly blond hair. >> this fellow here is about to
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sneak up on a special lady as well. his mom moved from north carolina to texas in september. she hasn't seen him. she's at a restaurant grabbing food. >> he's gone all the way to texas to surprise her? >> yes. >> she's really excited to see him. as a matter of fact, she doesn't let go. >> that's really sweet. what a fun surprise. >> it's team building time for these firefighters. here they are playing jenga using the jaws of life. see what other game puts them to the test. >> got to let him win. >> end up with night shift for a month. and she's watching a video. >> she doesn't know what's coming. >> she doesn't know what's going on. >> find out what she saw that has her losing her mind. minute. ...i'm on... ...and on...
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closed captioning provided by -- for fast 5-in-1 multi-symptom relief. breakthrough allergies with allegra®. firefighters keep themselves safe and us safe by being a good cohesive team. what better way to build the team than with a little game play. >> yes. oh, my gosh. i think this is the biggest game of jeenga we've seen. >> the fire department in alberta, canada, had a training and team building day. here they are playing jenga using the jaws of life. there are so many good things about this. i just love it. >> have you to be so careful and gentle. the jaws of life are big and bulky. just a little tap could down the tower. >> when you're trapped in a car
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and these jaws of life are one inch from your ear you want them to be deft and gentle and precise. >> one bad move and it could go bad. these teaches them to communicate in delicate situations when everything is on the line. >> it's a brilliant idea as far as training goes. >> starting to get wobbly. we know how jenga ends. >> jenga. >> that wasn't the only game they were playing in the fire department that day. >> musical fire equipment. >> you're right. we've got captain and firefighter facing off. round and round they go. when music stops, get your gear on as fast as you can. >> you've got to let the captain win. >> you're going to end you with the night shift for a month. >> in the end captain wins. >> you won. >> good job, captain. >> nice work by the fire department. good ideas, guys.
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there's so much wind going on in this video. george and marie. you can see a little bit teary. she's been handed this book. this book george has written all about their story together. this is when he drops another chestnut. >> on this day and right around this time, i love you. >> not only anniversary but basically same time for the first time he ever said i love you. pretty much goes without saying this is the right time, too. drops down on one knee and pops that question. >> that was a yes. >> it's just like a whole bunch well done. usually that's what this video would be about. no. no, no, no, no. it's about this. this is one of the five kids they have between them in their blended family. she's 8 years old and now watching the video i just showed
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you. she doesn't know what's coming. she doesn't know what's going on. the reason this particular video is going viral is the moment she realizes what's going on, because it's just wonderful. >> the emotion building and suddenly -- >> what? >> we're getting married. >> it's just such a genuine reaction. she immediately goes and gives mom a hug as well. that's a reaction you want to get when you propose. >> see that from the daughter? the daughter is becoming officially from your daughter as well. what a moment. >> that is pretty amazing. it's the never ending debate. >> the fit bod or bad bod.
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>> find out which bod the girls like best. >> right now he's questioning all those hours he spent in the gym. >> plus the ipad mini giveaway is back so don't miss the buzzword for your chance to win. what, you think we own stock in the electric company? i will turn this car around right now! there's nobody back there. >> the stress of moving. >> stock in the electric company. >> i will turn this car around right now. >> there's nobody back there. >> i was becoming my father. >> it's been an adjustment but we're making it work. [ snoring ] progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents, but we can protect your home and auto. [ chuckles ] all right. at petsmart, we'll give a meal any to a pet in need. food so whralphie grabs grub, charlie chows down. and when peaeats, peanut eats. you buy a bag, we'll give a meal.
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the allergy medicine xyzal is now available over the counter in original prescription strength. so for 24 hour symptom relief be wise all take new xyzal. allergy symptoms and nothing gets you closer than nasacort because unlike antihistamines nasacort stops more of what makes you miserable. apparently this debate is still going on. do the girls favor the fit bod or dad bod. just to find out what girls on the street think, he decides to
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take his fit bod and his buddy's dad bod to the streets. >> which is more huggable. >> what we know about women in general, and i'm painting with a broad brush, they are not as visual as men are. am i correct? >> that's correct. we do like to see a fit bod but we don't necessarily think he's going to make a great partner because of that. we look at the dad bod and we think, all right, he's got other priorities. because when you ask the girls which is more huggable, dad bod just starts racking up the votes. >> much warmer. >> right about now you're just sort of questioning all the hours he spent in the gym. >> starts asking in a very self-serving way, which one of us would you take home just for a one-night stand. the scales skip a little bit. >> you, you're disposable. >> exactly. >> here is the thing, i'm convinced conner is using this
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also as an opportunity to collect numbers. >> as usual. >> what do we know about all this. at the end of the day, a great body is not what holds you down, right? >> at this age, this is college. they are out having fun. >> containers. you know i love when they get converted from one thing to another. i'm going to show you how to turn these into that. >> this is awesome. >> mod pools put together an aboveground pool. there's an option to have it partially inground or inground completely. look what they have done. not only have they modified an old container and turned it into a pool, they add add side window so it's not claustrophobic. >> it looks cool. >> i like the way they have done it. >> you say it looks like a real pool. yes, it does. by the way, it can also be a hot
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tub. this can be 86 an hour, maybe if it's 14 degrees outside. >> so easy to transport, so easy to unload, so easy to install. i'm sure they prefabd it so you can order the specific things you want before they are delivered. i want one. can they sell me one? >> yes. in the united states they retail close to $27,000. however that's for 8 x 20. you can also get 8 x 40 if you have a large backyard. you just need access to gas and power, light ground prep and minutes to set up. >> i'm sure they have to treat the metal container so it doesn't rust over time. >> that container has been modified. they have treated it the way they think it needs to be taken care of. think about it. this is a canadian company. they know what goes into making this thing to make it palatable to use it in the winter. you can separate cold and hot
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areas. you can have hot on one side and cold on the other. >> i think it's fantastic, great bit of recycling. it's time to give away an ipad mini. >> that's right. you need thursday's buzzword to be at least 21 and to be a resident of u.s. or canada. >> go to and click on the button. >> each day. >> the buzzword is, everyone's favorite, summer. >> go to click on ipad button and kick on thursday's word, summer, s-u-m-m-e-r. >> good luck, everybody. he came up with a unique suit. see what happens once it goes
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check it out on our mobile app. >> doing a suit challenge. i don't know what is on the head but -- several loaves of bread he dumps out and geese have already started. >> i see the logic now. >> yes. >> this is going to be a great stupid idea. >> the target audience. >> how from bread to suit, i don't get it. >> of course


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